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Color Matching

Select a color from a resource book for us to match. If you have access to a resource book such as GAHH, Detroit or Coast to Coast, you can give us the sample information for the color you would like matched and we can make it.

Furniture Restraition

Restore your furniture back to new,

choose from a line from Refinishing Coatings to repair all types of rips, tears and worn areas. Check out our Funiture repair Kit to get you started.

Vinyl Repair

You can repair your damaged vinyl or leather to like new. With our specialized color matching. your're able to make repairs to the exact color of your existing material!

Leather Repair

Rips, tears, or worn leather or vinyl can be  repaired. The results are invisble as well as durable.

Refinishing Kits

Whether you are a DIYer or a Professional. Different Type of kits to get you started with any type of projects. 

Leather Coats

In addition to cleaning and restore your  leather coats you can repair and recondition your favorite leather handbag or briefcase! 

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See What Refinish Coatings has to offer, we have more the just pigments.

RC - Price Catalog 2018 rev. 10-22-2018 (pdf)