Crosslinker for our topcoats to create a more durable finish. Both Crosslinkers have different uses for different circumstances.


Our 611 is easy to use and apply and very user-friendly. 611 is a water-based product that can be mixed into a coating up to 3 times before it must be used or disposed of. 611 works great on furniture and small leather goods. In automotive and aircraft applications it is best to use it in areas where high wear and tear will not be a major concern.  Coatings using 611 can be recoated with minimal prep.


Our 612 Isocyanate Crosslinker is made for high performance. This makes it excellent for use in automotive and aircraft applications, especially where high wear and tear is expected to happen often, such as seats and armrests. 612 is very reactive with both moisture and air, as such it is important to use quickly once opened. Once a coating has been crosslinked it must be used within 3 to 4 hours of adding the crosslinker. Once a coating has been crosslinked, it cannot be added again. When recoating an area where 612 has been used, it is very important to clean and prep the area extremely well to get the best, high performance results.

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