Carbodiimite Crosslinker #611

Our “ Carbo” is a great everyday, standard crosslinker used to give the coatings the strength and performance characteristics required for most applications. In most applications, add 5% to coatings and use within 6-10 period hours. (Times will vary depending on temperature and humidity). Coatings can be re-crosslinked 1 or 2 times before discarding. Always store in the original container. One ounce of crosslinker will crosslink 32oz. of coatings @5%

Isocyante Crosslinker #612

The Isocyanate Crosslinker is a reactive type crosslinker typically used in topcoats where high-performance coatings are needed. (Steering wheel, bolsters, boat cushions, Etc.) The Isocyanate Crosslinker will greatly increase the wear, scuff, flexibility, and chemical resistance to the coating. Recommend adding 5% Crosslinker to coating. Apply coating within 2-4 hours.  Discard all un-used Isocyanate crosslinked coatings.  Do not re-crosslink coatings.

One ounce of crosslinker will crosslink 32 oz. of coatings @ 5% load.

Make sure the container is closed tightly after each use.

Wipe off the bottle top before closing the lid to prevent the top from sticking. The Isocyanate Crosslinker is shipped from our plant and packaged under nitrogen.  This eliminates any air and moisture from the container, making sure no reaction has begun.

Once the factory seal is broken the Crosslinker must be used within 14 days. Always store your Crosslinkers in a cool dry environment away from extreme heat and cold.  Make sure the container is closed tightly after each use.