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Why our products work
All leather coatings are not created equal. Refinish Coatings makes the highest quality performance coatings possible.  Our products are pre-tested to meet OEM leather and vinyl specifications for all major automotive, furniture, marine, aircraft, and apparel manufacturers. We use the highest grade of pigments to minimize UV fading.
Our coatings do not need the use of dullers, slip additives, carpet and furniture additives, vinyl compound sealers and some plastic promoters. Ease of use, durability and strict quality control give you the greatest value in coatings to maximize your time and profits.


Our growth
For 16 years we have kept our eye on developing new products and new markets. We were the first to introduce OEM quality leather and vinyl refinishing products to the aftermarket industry. We consistently maintain the highest standards in quality and service in marketing new coating and color matching technologies. Our coatings and mobile color matching systems enable aftermarket subcontractors to provide the same quality of repair that original equipment manufacturers demand from their suppliers. Today, in markets of every size within the USA, Canada and throughout Europe, Refinish Coatings has become known not only for the quality of our products and technology but for our service and customer satisfaction.

Our future
We remain committed to ongoing product improvement and innovation through extensive testing and development. Customer feedback is critical to this process as we strive to provide the best value in real-world application and durability.


Premium high-performance pigments
We make the high-quality coatings to meet or exceed Automotive OEM spec. Our coatings will withstand a 300 lb. man getting in and out of a Corvette seat 60,000 times over four days with zero percent failure. We use the highest grade color pigments, not dyes, that will withstand UV fading for up to 10 years.
Our Base Coat
Leather and vinyl are made to exact specifications, but manufacturers use different chemicals and products to meet those specs. Regardless of what was used to make them, our base coat, a clear water-based coating, adheres to all leathers and types of vinyl, along with some plastic. Used with our top coats, it offers superior reliability, flexibility, and durability while keeping the original look and feel of the surface.
Durable and versatile
Our coatings won’t rub off and are not affected by salt spray, humidity, chemical cleaners and solvents. They are made to repel water, not just resist it. They are easily applied using conventional spray equipment, wipe-on or brush application methods to match the look and feel of the original textile.
Our Top Coat
A universal coating that can be used to refinish all leathers including Aniline, Semi-Aniline, Full Finish and Heat Laminated Splits, as well as vinyl, cloth, and plastic. Available in gloss or dull to be mixed with pure pigments to match or create the color that you need.
Blended Coatings
Hundreds of pre-matched colors ready to apply right out of the bottle. Pigment color is already blended into our top coat for ease of use and quick application.

Our Story