Refinish Coatings is proud to announce a new expansion of their online leather and vinyl repair training program. Online training videos including introductory and level instructions will become avaliable over the second half of 2015. In addition, Refinish Coatings is offering customers around the world the opportunity to Skype with our team for any training or support issues. Although the basics of leather and vinyl repair can be learned in a day, there can be other challenges, particularly mixing the right color match in the field. Refinish Coatings has an affordable solution, offering a 140 swatch color ring, formulation guide and pocket digital scale. Though matching color by eye is and is one of the main focuses of the advanced training videos being released later this year.

Cleaning & Prepping

The first step

Color Matching

The 2nd step

Leather Repair

The 3rd step


The Final step