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The Edge Coating Line is a correctly blended system designed for maximum coverage and flexibility for edges of the leather. Excellent for sealing edges on belts, handbags, and other small leather goods.

For a custom matched color, please select the color matching fee option in the color selection slot, and select the size you want as well (a minimum purchase of 8oz is required for a custom matched color). Before making your purchase, please check to make sure that you have a completely opaque sample of the color you would like matched and that it is at least 2 cm. by 2cm. in length and width. If it is smaller or somewhat translucent we will not be able to properly match the color. Once you have your sample, please mail it to to us at 9449 Brookpark rd. Parma, Ohio, 44129. Unit BBe sure to include your name and contact details as well as the order information so we can properly match it to your order. After we have received the color sample it will take us 2-4 days to match the color. If you have any questions or would like further details, please contact us at (216) 398-5100 or email us at Jerry@duramend.com. We love to help our customers.

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101 Color Match, 102 Edge Coating Clear, 110 White Edge Coating (Extra Strength), 111 Graphite Edge Coating, 120 Black Edge Coating, 130 Yellow Oxide Edge Coating, 134 Lemon Yellow Edge Coating, 140 Tangerine Edge Coating, 141 Orange Edge Coating, 150 Red Oxide Edge Coating, 152 Scarlet Edge Coating, 154 Bright Red Edge Coating, 155 Ruby Edge Coating, 156 Burgundy Edge Coating, 158 Brick Edge Coating, 160 Purple Edge Coating, 170 Blue Edge Coating, 180 Green Edge Coating, 185 Dark Brown Edge Coating


Color Match Fee, 4 oz., 8 oz., 16 oz., Quart – 32 oz., 1/2 Gallon – 64 oz., Gallon – 128 oz.