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(The “Iso” crosslinker is a reactive type crosslinker typically used in topcoats where a high performance coating is needed. (Steering wheel, bolsters, boat cushions…etc.) Adding Iso to your coatings will greatly increase the scuff and chemical resistance to the coatings. The reaction takes place when air and moisture come in contact with the crosslinker. In most applications, add 5% to coatings and use within a 6-10 period hours. (Times will vary depending on temperature and humidity). It is not recommended to re-crosslink coatings with Iso mixed in.

Once a bottle is first opened, we recommend it be used within a two-week period. After two weeks, the crosslinker will most likely become ineffective.

One ounce of crosslinker will crosslink 32 oz. of coatings @ 5%. Always store in original container.

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