100 Series C-Pigments & 100 C Metallic Pigments (Concentrated Pigments)

Concentrated pigments must be added to a clear coat system. Applying these pigments by themselves will result in extremely poor performance. Pigment loading is typically 7 to 10% of the total resin system (Topcoats & Basecoats). A 10% Pigments load is ONE PART “c” pigments to NINE PARTS clear coat (top or base coat).

Our Pure Metallic pigments must be mixed with a topcoat. Metallic Pigment loading is a maximum of 20%. We recommend using a high gloss topcoat (#095 Patent Leather Gloss). Applying these pigments without the proper amount of topcoat will result in poor performance. Adding flatteners or none-metallic-pigments to a metallic coating will cause the metallic effect of the coating to diminish.

You can also use our concentrated pigments to make our Starter Colors, AE-2020 colors along with other specialty clear coats & colors.

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